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The Inclusive Generation Equality Collective is proud to present the Feminist Accessibility Protocol, a groundbreaking set of commitments that seek to ensure feminists with disabilities are meaningfully included in gender equality spaces. Find out more about the Protocol and sign on to it below. 

Women with disabilities account for nearly one in five women around the world. As such, we are essential parts of the movement towards gender equality. Too often, however, women, girls, trans, intersex, and nonbinary persons with disabilities are excluded from the key spaces where important decisions about gender equality and gender-related rights are made. Over and over again, women, girls, trans, intersex, and nonbinary persons with disabilities have observed that these spaces don’t take our accessibility requirements into account and don’t recognize the important perspectives we bring to the table. 

Last year, we experienced this again in a key global gender equality space: the Generation Equality Forums—where many feminists with disabilities could not even access key discussions, let alone substantially contribute to the Forum’s important outcomes. After this experience, the Inclusive Generation Equality Collective a group of feminists with disabilities, allies, and organizations that advocate for gender and disability rights and justice— decided enough was enough. We would no longer settle for gender equality spaces that were anything less than fully accessible to and inclusive of feminists with disabilities.

The Feminist Accessibility Protocol is a direct result of these experiences and these frustrations. The Protocol asks States, feminist civil society United Nations entities, and other feminist actors to make a pledge to ensure that, moving forward, gender equality discussions and decision-making spaces are fully accessible to and inclusive of women, girls, trans, intersex, and nonbinary persons with disabilities. Each of the 13 pledges in the Protocol is a call for action on a specific aspect of accessibility and inclusivity in feminist events and meetings, including event planning, execution, and follow-up. 

Accessibility is a human right, not an optional add-on. By committing to the accessibility and inclusivity measures outlined in the Protocol, States, feminist civil society, UN agencies, and other feminist actors will be helping us move towards a world where the fight for gender equality is fully inclusive of women, girls, trans, intersex, and nonbinary persons in all of our diversity.   

Will you join us?

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We, Feminists with disabilities, count on you to join us in building a truly inclusive feminist movement together.