Why Digital Accessibility

At WEI we are committed to access to information we provide in line with accessibility standards and guidelines (Section 508, WCAG video overview). Access to digital content is as critical as physical access to a building for example. Data is an important aspect of all areas of life and it is important that users with disabilities have equal access to all information.

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Tips for Accessible Meetings

Accessibility and provision of reasonable accommodations are integral to meeting planning and participation. This resource provides general recommendations and good practices to ensure the full and equal participation of people with disabilities in international meetings. However, always keep in mind that the guiding principle to making any meeting inclusive is: When in doubt, ask the person with a disability. People with disabilities know their needs best.

Read Our Good Practice Guidelines on Meetings

Woman in a video conference with her coworkers while working from home - quarantine lifestyle concepts
An independent young adult woman with cerebral palsy going about some of her daily routines at home. She smiles while browsing social media apps on her phone.

Tips for Accessible Social Media

By implementing these good practices for social media users, organizations and individuals can enable people with disabilities or people using assistive technologies to fully engage with and participate in their online communities and conversations.

Read Our Good Practice Guideline on Social Media