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Women Enabled International is committed to uplifting the experiences and intersectional existence of women and girls with disabilities. Too often, women and girls with disabilities are left out of mainstream conversations around gender while simultaneously suffering similar underrepresentation in discussions on disability. This blog, launched in November 2019, is a challenge to those narrow definitions that position the women’s and disability rights movements as separate, or exclusive to one another. Women with disabilities are women, too. Here’s to Rewriting the Narrative.

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Women Enabled International Demands Justice

Women Enabled International stands with protestors around the world in demanding justice and action to address the systemic human rights violations in the United States that contribute to the ongoing oppression of members of the Black community in any form—from police violence, police failures to address gender-based violence and government failures to address the COVID-19 pandemic, all of which disproportionally impact the Black community. Continue reading Women Enabled International Demands Justice

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Enabling Artists and Entrepreneurs with Disabilities – Aurora Berger

Aurora Berger Photographer “Working within the frameworks of capacity and disability, I use photographs to examine and reclaim my own identity.” – Aurora Berger   Aurora Berger is an award-winning photographer with visual and physical disabilities based in rural Vermont, Continue reading Enabling Artists and Entrepreneurs with Disabilities – Aurora Berger

Against a white background, at the top of the graphic there are five overlapping blue, yellow, pink, and purple abstract circular shapes. Within each circle is a drawn depiction of a scene of a person at work. A person with a prosthetic leg kneels with her camera to take a picture. A person using a wheelchair reviews a blueprint. Another person is wearing an apron and holding a flower arrangement. One person is on stage and raising a microphone in the air. And another person in an apron holds an apple and is standing next to a cash register. Underneath the overlapping images, in bright complimentary colors, bold text reads, “Enabling Artists and Entrepreneurs with Disabilities.” At the bottom is the Women Enabled International logo.]

Enabling Artists and Entrepreneurs with Disabilities

COVID-19, sometimes called the coronavirus, has impacted the health and safety of communities around the world. We at Women Enabled International believe it is having a particular impact on women, girls, non-binary, and gender non-conforming persons with disabilities, including on Continue reading Enabling Artists and Entrepreneurs with Disabilities


Website Usage Survey

Can you spare 5 minutes? Please help Women Enabled International improve our website by taking a multiple choice survey about your experience here. Continue reading Website Usage Survey

Background image of open water. Black text in a white box reads, "Visibility and its Real-World Implications by Hope Randall." The image has a dark blue border.

Visibility and Its Real-World Implications

by Hope Randall In my work as an advocate for greater awareness of the global burden of diarrheal disease and the tools that can help solve it, I’m struck by how illness is so often a proxy for inequitable access Continue reading Visibility and Its Real-World Implications


40 Years of CEDAW: Keeping Women with Disabilities on the Agenda

by Amanda McRae This week marks the 40th anniversary of the U.N. Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW). This human rights treaty, to which almost every country has signed on, has helped transform the Continue reading 40 Years of CEDAW: Keeping Women with Disabilities on the Agenda

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A Word of Welcome

by Stephanie Ortoleva Welcome to the Women Enabled International Blog – Rewriting the Narrative with WEI! This is a new space we are launching to showcase the voices, opinions, and stories of women with disabilities and allies championing the rights Continue reading A Word of Welcome