Quarterly Newsletter: Celebrating Partnership and Community at WEI

Newsletter header: Photo of a group laughing. To the right is the Women Enabled International logo.

Dear Disabled Women’s Rights Supporter,

Women Enabled International is the sole international human rights advocacy organization focusing exclusively at the intersection of gender and disability, but ours is not a solo mission.  Everything we do is in collaboration with feminists with disabilities at the regional and national levels.

This edition of WEI e-news offers examples of how we leverage these powerful partnerships to facilitate network building, amplify voices, and bring our distinct expertise to bear to ensure that human rights standards and commitments respond to lived experiences of women, girls and gender minorities with disabilities around the world.

While we celebrate the advances that we are making every day – and commemorate our cumulative progress during this 10th anniversary year, we must also acknowledge the ongoing and imminent threats to our community’s safety and security. Women and gender minorities with disabilities are disproportionately impacted in times of crisis and conflict. I urge you to read WEI’s statement about Ukraine and accompanying resources. We stand in solidarity with WEI partners in Europe who are responding to the crisis there.

With gratitude,




Suzannah Phillips
Interim Executive Director

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