Help Us Advocate for Better Abortion Care for All Disabled Americans

Calling all members of the disability community! Your experiences matter, especially when it comes to accessing abortion services. The Disability and Abortion Access Survey is here to gather your insights on what’s working and how services can be improved.
The Disability and Abortion Access Survey asks people with disabilities about their experiences getting abortion services. The questions will ask for your stories of receiving abortion services and the ways services could be better. There are currently no comprehensive studies in the United States about how disabled people access abortions and the problems they face. The data and quotes from this survey will help Women Enabled International (WEI) and the Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund (DREDF) develop tools and resources for people who provide abortion services. These resources can improve abortion accessibility to better serve the disability community.
Please read the full Consent to Participate Form here before agreeing to complete the survey.
Women Enabled International (WEI) and Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund (DREDF) welcome you to share your story through the survey.
Together, let’s advocate for better abortion care for disabled Americans. Click the link to participate: