WEI Survey and Mapping Project — Global Map of Women's & Disabilities Rights Advocates and Organizations


(Updated January 2018. There are currently 600+ organizations on our map.)

WEI's comprehensive map is the first of its kind. This map identifies the locations where women's disability rights advocates and organizations are active, where the gaps are, and where there are opportunities for collaboration, and helps in achieving greater collective impact.

This project was generously funded by an anonymous donor with a goal to foster a greater understanding of human rights advocates, both from within and outside the women's rights and disability rights movements. Data was collected through an online survey launched on August 18, 2015 and interviews conducted in January and February 2016.

This map was originally released on March 8, 2016, International Women's Day, and is updated regularly. Please contact WEI at Mapping@WomenEnabled.org with questions or for more information.


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