Joint Advocacy: WEI & Mexicanas con Discapacidad

“Working with WEI has become a very powerful experience for Mexicanas con Discapacidad,” says Mexicanas con Discapacidad founder, Maryangel García Ramos Guadiana. A longtime WEI partner, her organization recently worked side-by-side with WEI to develop and deliver a report to the UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD Committee) during its 26th session in March. WEI was there to support our partners and ensure the inclusion of a gender perspective throughout the CRPD Committee’s meetings.

Mexico was among the countries due for review by the CRPD Committee this session, and the report by WEI and Mexicanas con Discapacidad drew attention to the serious human rights issues facing people living at the intersection of gender and disability in Mexico. Our report also spelled out clear recommendations for holding the State accountable for ensuring the human rights of all its citizens.

The report addressed a number of issues impacting the rights of women and gender minorities with disabilities in Mexico: the importance of collecting disaggregated data on the lived experiences of women, girls, and gender minorities with disabilities, prevention of gender-based violence and access to justice for survivors, access to sexual and reproductive health and rights, the ability of individuals to exercise legal capacity, and the impact of COVID-19. Read the report here.

WEI also collaborated with Mexicanas con Discapacidad to speak out during a meeting with civil society organizations engaged in disability rights advocacy with the CRPD. We used this valuable opportunity to raise awareness of these issues and galvanize broader support for rights at the intersection of gender and disability.

Picture Of Maryangel García Ramos Guadiana at a Women’s March that reads “Sin números, somos invisibles” (Without data, we’re invisible).

“Together, we have been able to give visibility to the issues women with disabilities go through in Mexico from the eyes of civil society, this time, through our report to the CRPD Committee. This surely has given a unique and real perspective for the country’s review and provided insight into what still needs to be done for our community. Together we are more powerful, and our voices even louder.” 

Maryangel García Ramos Guadiana, founder, Mexicanas con Discapacidad