Community Corner: Shiela May Aggarao’s Call to Action

Welcome to this special edition of our “Community Corner,” where we shine a spotlight on the inspiring advocates who make our mission possible. Today, we celebrate the voice, leadership, and passion of Shiela May Aggarao, a member of the Inclusive Generation Equality Collective (IGEC). Her fearless advocacy at the Women Deliver conference is an embodiment of the strides we’re making toward an inclusive and just world. 

Introducing Shiela May Aggarao 

Meet Shiela! Shiela’s journey is one of global and local advocacy, passion, and inclusion. She represents not one but three incredible organizations, all striving for a more accessible and just world.

Women Deliver: A Milestone for Accessibility

The Women Deliver conference marked a significant stride towards accessibility by being the first to sign on to the Feminist Accessibility Protocol. Reflecting our values of inclusion, it set an exemplary standard by committing to creating an accessible environment for all conference attendees.

Shiela’s Purpose at the Conference 

Watch as Shiela describes her reasons for attending the conference: to promote the Feminist Accessibility Protocol and to emphasize the importance of intersectionality.

Unraveling the Feminist Accessibility Protocol 

The Feminist Accessibility Protocol is not just a framework; it’s a beacon of equality, autonomy, and collaboration:

  • Intersectional Understanding: Embraces the diverse experiences of women and gender-diverse people with disabilities, ensuring their active participation in decision-making.
  • Promoting Autonomy: Values and supports the autonomy of each individual, acknowledging their unique leadership and perspectives.
  • Inclusive Commitment: Addresses various barriers to create a world where everyone has an equal opportunity to thrive.
  • Collaborative Growth: Engages all stakeholders in a collective journey towards lasting change.

An Invitation to Act 

Shiela invites everyone to be a part of this transformation by signing the Feminist Accessibility Protocol. Her call resonates with urgency and hope, marking a path toward a more inclusive and just world.

Join the Movement

With pioneers like Shiela and Women Deliver, we’re building a world that embraces, includes, and celebrates all.

Discover more and sign on to the Feminist Accessibility Protocol here and be part of this transformation.

Together, we’re not just advocating change; we’re living it. Join us!