Dwi Ariyani

Board Member at Women Enabled International

Dwi is a disability rights activist and movement builder with over twenty years experience in disability rights and inclusion. She has worked with grassroots, national, regional and international organizations of persons with disabilities (OPDs) to promote the rights of persons with disabilities and provides technical assistance to OPDs to achieve their rights advocacy agenda. Her advocacy and support to disability movements has led to legislative reform, increases in government budget allocations for disability inclusion, and building of bridges across human rights movements. In her works she has partnered with organizations of persons with disabilities, governments, donors, local, regional and international NGOs, UN agencies to advance the rights of persons with disabilities.

Dwi has experience in cross movement building between the disability rights movement and other social justice movements, including the feminist/women’s movement, indigenous movement, and disability inclusive DRR and climate change movements. She promotes and supports the inclusion and participation of the most margilnalized persons with disabilties living at the intersection of these identities so that they challenge the multiple forms of discmrinitation experienced every day and contribute solutions to local, national and global crises. As a woman with a disability, Dwi also advocactes for the empowerment of women with disabilities and ensures that women with disabilities are heard in every decision-making process that affects women’s lives. She holds a diploma in computer technology.Dwi is the Acting Co-Director of Programs for the Disability Rights Fund and the Disability Rights Advocacy Fund at present.

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