We are grateful for our many advocates
and partners worldwide.

A map of north Africa and south Europe and the surrounding area with about a dozen purple markers.

The WEI Global Mapping Project: Purple dots indicate women's and disability rights organizations in North Africa, South Asia, the Middle East, and other Mediterranean Countries.

In this season of giving, I find myself grateful for the many advocates and partners worldwide with whom we work to empower the rights of women and girls with disabilities. There are so many reasons to be grateful: We keep fighting for, and making progress, on rights for women and girls with disabilities; across the globe, people are finally starting to understand - and follow - the mantra, "nothing about us without us"; and organizations that advocate for women and girls with disabilities are increasing in number and size.

But so much work remains to be done.

Nearly 1 in 5 women worldwide is disabled. Each one deserves the right to universal education, increased inclusion and accessibility in the workplace, an end to gender-based violence, and the right to make decisions that affect her body. Women Enabled International (WEI) serves as a resource and guide in efforts to secure those rights for disabled women and girls worldwide. One way that we help to influence efforts is through our Global Mapping Project, shown above.

Updated regularly since its creation in 2016 and slated for expansion in 2018, the Mapping Project established a database of disabled women's rights, women's rights, and disability rights organizations across the world. With this map, organizations can seek partnerships, advocates can find resources in their home countries, and people looking for help can find an organization in their area. 

To see for yourself the value of this interactive map, click: https://www.womenenabled.org/mapping-results.html

Support WEI's Work

To continue being a valuable resource to advocates and partners across the world, WEI relies on grants and contributions from supporters like you. Help us continue to make a difference in the lives of millions of disabled women and girls.

We appreciate your support.
Stephanie Ortoleva, Esq., President and Founder
Women Enabled International
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