Mikayla Kessler

Executive Assistant at Women Enabled International

As Executive Assistant at WEI, Mikayla provides administrative support and assists our organizational development efforts. Her keen eye for detail and meticulous organization skills are an asset to the organization. Mikayla’s goal is to help WEI adopt effective processes across the board to ensure sustainable growth.

Before joining WEI, Mikayla worked in health care. Most recently, she was the Office Manager of a mastectomy boutique, where she was a Certified Mastectomy Fitter, an insurance coordinator, and a women’s health and rights advocate.

Mikayla is based in Richmond, Virginia, where she serves on two nonprofit junior boards, namely, the Health Brigade and the Full Circle Grief Center, serving her passion for access to health care and mental health support. At the Health Brigade, Mikayla cofounded the Emerging Leaders Council, where she and her colleagues act as ambassadors to Virginia’s oldest free and charitable clinic, offering support through fundraising, education, and advocacy. At Full Circle, she supports children and families through their grief journeys.

In addition to serving her community, Mikayla also enjoys traveling, hiking, and reading.

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