Women Enabled International: Vision, Mission and Strategic Goals

Since its founding in 2012, Women Enabled International (WEI) has built a strong program of legal advocacy to advance the human rights of women and girls with disabilities, earned a reputation for excellence within and across the disability and women’s rights movements, improved policy and practice, influenced norms, and held governments accountable.

In 2019, WEI adopted a strategic plan that reflects and addresses the current context within which we work, affirms our programmatic approach and priorities, and supports our continued growth.

Our Vision

Women Enabled International envisions a world where women and girls with disabilities claim human rights, act in solidarity, and lead self-determined lives.

Our Mission

Women Enabled International advances human rights at the intersection of gender and disability to respond to the lived experiences of women and girls with disabilities; promote inclusion and participation; and achieve transformative equality.

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Below are two handouts about Women Enabled International in an accessible PDF format.

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