WEI Inter-American Toolkit Consultant Position

added February 2020

Women Enabled International (WEI) seeks a legal expert in the Inter-American Human Rights System to undertake a comprehensive review of a draft publication intended to promote and facilitate effective legal advocacy on issues bearing on the rights and lived experiences of women and girls with disabilities in the Americas.

Project Description and Scope of Work          
WEI is developing an Inter-American Human Rights System Toolkit to empower women with disabilities, organizations working on their behalf, and human rights advocates to understand and effectively engage with the Inter-American human rights system mechanisms, in particular, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) and the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (Inter-American Court). This toolkit further compiles and summarizes standards, jurisprudence, and statements from the Inter-American system to analyze how the system currently incorporates gender and disability lenses. The toolkit aims to promote broader and more sustained civil society engagement with the Inter-American system at the intersection of gender and disability to promote the development of a robust normative framework that is responsive to the lived experiences of women and girls with disabilities.

WEI’s in-house team of human rights lawyers, with support from pro bono lawyers, have completed the research, writing, and preliminary review of this Toolkit, which is now in draft form.

The Consultant’s assignment will be to conduct an independent and meticulous review of the 70-page draft Toolkit, bringing to bear legal acumen, understanding of pertinent human rights standards and mechanisms, and an intersectional women’s rights and disability rights lens to ensure the highest quality resource that is both accurate and nuanced and which is user friendly for use by advocates on the ground, many of whom are not lawyers. WEI anticipates that this project will take 30 days.


  • Lawyer who has engaged substantially with the Inter-American Human Rights System
  • Knowledge of the system’s mechanisms and jurisprudence
  • Familiarity with blue book legal citation formatting
  • Experience working with local and grassroots activists in the context of the system
  • Expertise in women’s rights and the rights of people with disabilities
  • Availability to start promptly and complete the project by May 1, 2020, meeting milestone deadlines in the interim
  • Academic-level fluency in written English


To Apply:
Send cover letter, CV, writing sample, and daily consulting rate to personnel@womenenabled.org by February 17, 2020.


About Women Enabled International
Women Enabled International (WEI) advances human rights at the intersection of gender and disability to: respond to the lived experiences of women and girls with disabilities; promote inclusion and participation; and achieve transformative equality. WEI’s groundbreaking accountABILITY Toolkit empowers women with disabilities and organizations working on their behalf to engage effectively with U.N. human rights mechanisms to hold States accountable for their human rights obligations and to advance the rights of women and girls with disabilities worldwide. The Inter-American Human Rights System Toolkit is the latest in a series of such resources.


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