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CSW60, March 2016

Join WEI at a CSW60 Side Panel Event

Sustainable Development Goals or Sidelining Disabled Girls?: Making SDGs Stand for All Women and Girls

The SDGs offer a valuable platform to advance dialogues with States around key areas that impact the lives of women and girls. Yet, despite accounting for almost one-fifth of all women worldwide, women and girls with disabilities receive scant attention. As the global community undertakes the crucial task of identifying indicators to monitor progress toward the realization of the SDGs and hold States accountable for these commitments, it is essential that this process includes the voices of women with disabilities and reflects their experiences of intersecting forms of discrimination.

This panel addresses four SDGs that bear on the rights of women with disabilities: Goal 1 (Poverty), Goal 3 (Health), Goal 5 (Gender Equality), and Goal 16 (Peace & Justice).

Panelists will discuss barriers that women with disabilities face in realizing their rights as they relate to these goals and will address how SDG indicators can better reflect the realities of women with disabilities moving forward.


· Asha Hans (India) - Goal 16 (Peace & Justice)

· Lucia Bellini (UK) - Goal 1 (Poverty) – impact on women with disabilities of government program cuts

· Andrea Parra (Colombia) - Goal 3 (Health) - sexual and reproductive health and rights, including forced sterilization and access to health care

· Adaobi Egboka (Nigeria) - Goal 5 (Gender Equality) – Gender-based and sexual violence and accesss to justice

· Stephanie Ortoleva (USA) – Welcome and Conclusion

· Suzannah Phillips (USA) - Moderator


Women Enabled International

Sisters of Frida

Women with Disabilities India Network

Date and Location: · Thursday, March 17, 2016 at 2:30 PM · Church Center of the United Nations 777 UN Plaza New York, New York Boss Room

For general information on CSW60 2016 preparations, see www.unwomen.org/en/csw/csw60-2016/preparations



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