Election Results: States Elect Women with Disabilities to CRPD and CEDAW Committees 

In June, States elected women with disabilities to serve as members of the Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD Committee) and the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW Committee). These expert groups monitor State implementation of important human rights treaties addressing the rights of women and persons with disabilities.

Six new women to serve on CRPD Committee
On June 12, States elected six women, including five women with disabilities, to fill a total of nine open seats on the CRPD Committee. Prior to this election, only one woman served on this 18-member Committee, which monitors implementation of the rights of persons with disabilities around the world.

Women from Australia, Brazil, Ghana, Indonesia, Mexico, and the Republic of Korea were elected to the Committee. In addition to these six women, two current members of the Committee from Lithuania and Nigeria were re-elected, and one new member from Switzerland was also elected. WEI congratulates all of these new and re-elected members!

Newly-elected members will take up their positions in 2019. At that time, women will represent one-third of the total membership of the CRPD Committee, an important step towards gender parity and towards ensuring that issues affecting women and girls with disabilities are systematically included in the Committee’s work.

For more information about WEI’s work to inform the CRPD Committee elections, please visit: https://womenenabled.org/crpd-questionnaire.html.

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