Enabling Artists and Entrepreneurs with Disabilities – Aurora Berger

A photograph of a young woman with long blonde hair and glasses sitting in tall grass in is the center of the image.

Aurora Berger


“Working within the frameworks of capacity and disability, I use photographs to examine and reclaim my own identity.”
– Aurora Berger


Aurora Berger is an award-winning photographer with visual and physical disabilities based in rural Vermont, USA. As a visually impaired artist, Aurora not only uses the camera as an extension of her perspective, but also as a weapon against ableism, and as a way to reclaim her identity.

Aurora’s artistic process, collections, and self-portraits confront the medical model of disability and internalized ableist constructs of disability, worth, and beauty. Recently, she was honored by The John F. Kennedy Center for the Preforming Arts with an Award of Excellence as part of the VSA Emerging Young Artists Program.

“My work is about existing in the body that I have, in the life that I am living. It is about inhabiting spaces, perceiving surroundings, and above all, the process of survival.” – Aurora Berger

To learn more and support Aurora’s work, visit her website (http://www.auroraberger.com) and follow her on Instagram and Twitter at @AuroraBerger. 

If you identify as a woman, non-binary, or gender non-conforming persons with disabilities whose livelihood is affected by COVID19 and want your work to be featured on our social media platforms, please fill out the linked interest form

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