About WEI

“Women with disabilities make up one fifth of all women. If we are not bringing their voices to the forefront, we are leaving one fifth of women behind.”Suzannah Phillips, Deputy Director of WEI

Women Enabled International is a non-profit, non-governmental organization founded by Stephanie Ortoleva in 2012 to address the gaps between mainstream women’s movements and disability movements that often leave women and girls with disabilities behind. Women and girls with disabilities should not be an afterthought and deserve specific, responsive, and empowering advocacy, protections, programming, and education.

Our Mission:  Women Enabled International advances human rights at the intersection of gender and disability to: respond to the lived experiences of women and girls with disabilities; promote inclusion and participation; and achieve transformative equality.

Our Vision: Women Enabled International envisions a world where women and girls with disabilities claim human rights, act in solidarity and lead self-determined lives.

Our Approach: Since its founding in 2012, Women Enabled International (WEI) has built a powerful human rights advocacy program that amplifies the voices and advances the leadership of women and girls with disabilities. Working in collaboration with women with disabilities rights organizations and women’s rights organizations globally, WEI fosters cooperation across movements to increase international attention to and strengthen human rights standards on issues such as gender-based violence; sexual and reproductive health and rights; discrimination, stigma and stereotyping; accountability and access to justice; and participation and inclusion. Our three-pronged approach comprises: Norm Building and Thought Leadership, Capacity Development, and Movement and Cross-Movement Building.

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